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Superior Quality Wheat Flour


In line with market requirements, year after year, we incorporate and renew our processes by implementing the ultimate technology.

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We produce more than 15 types of Flour to meet the most frequent uses and rely on the expertise and flexibility to develop new products according to customer needs.

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In 2005 our Quality system Certified IRAM NM Standard on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and in 2013 the HACCP, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point.

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000 Flour

This flour features high gluten content and additives to ensure normal development in the different bread-making processes to obtain products with high specific volume, crispy crust and optimal color as well as uniform structure dough to extend freshness. Great versatility Adaptable to most [...]

0000 Flour

Prepared from a careful selection of semolina from the first stage of the grinding process. It is a creamy low ash content flour. It has a finer granulometry than "000" type flours. It is mainly used in pasta and pastry. Favoring the color of the masses and low bacterial [...]

Pro Tapa y Pasta

To obtain masses of excellent appearance: Pure white color, very fine particle size, low level of ash, very low level of pitting. Improves shelf life in raw products due to low microorganism count. It is excellent for the elaboration of discs for tapas of empanadas, tarts, in rolled products and [...]


Fragments of the endosperm of wheat from the first stages of grinding. The semolin is considered an intermediate product. The semolines are used for the preparation of pasta: macaroni, spaghetti, noodles. It gives a better texture of the mass and sensation of the bite. It is a more yellow [...]

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000 Low Gluten Content

This flour has low Gluten content obtained from low protein wheat. Especially recommended to manufacture Wafers and Cornets. It produces stable density batters since it does not create lumps, ensuring greater efficiency and performance in the production [...]

Pro Pan Dulce

Designed for the production of Sweet Bread. It provides masses capable of supporting the load of products that interrupt the structure of the crumb, with high tolerance to the kneading, supporting continuous and prolonged processes, which provides a sustained behavior during [...]

Pro Pizza

To make high quality pizzas very easily, it also adapts to baking products that require extendable flours, such as invoices, threads, etc. Reduces kneading time, facilitates forming and stretching, absorbs more water, improves the skip oven, allows to obtain pizzas "half-mass" or "to the stone" [...]

Pro Pan Francés

Simplifica el trabajo eliminando errores de formulación, minimizando variaciones del producto terminado y evitando el pesado de ingredientes, genera masas más tolerantes y reduce el tiempo total empleado. Esta formulación no necesita del agregado de aditivos, no debe mezclarse con otras harinas [...]

Pro Miga 000

Formulated to obtain English Bread. It is designed according to the product and its final characteristics, it is a whole flour. The user must use the formula to which he is accustomed adding salt, fat and additives as indicated by his recipe, but he will notice a big difference in the complete [...]

Pro Miga 0000

Specially formulated to obtain English bread, but unlike the Pro Miga 000, this flour is formulated only with flour 0000, which provides a crumb of an intense white color, maintaining the properties of perfect alveolado and [...]

Pro Budín

Designed specifically for Puddings and Bizcochuelos. This flour is characterized by the proper balance between starch and protein along with its proper rheology, which gives the masses good aeration and volume, thus obtaining the desired [...]


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