The bakery quality of the wheat is analyzed according to which segregated storage is carried out in tanks specially designed to maintain the quality of the raw material unaltered.


Mix of the different segregated qualities to obtain a constant quality of final product.


Cleaning of grain in different stages, in order to eliminate impurities from dirty wheat to minimize physical and microbial contamination.


Wet the clean wheat for 36 hours so that the absorption of water facilitates the separation of the husk.


The grain is crushed in successive stages, obtaining its gradual reduction for extraction of flour and semolina.


Wheat already ground is classified by size and purified by machines designed for that purpose.


Flours 0000 and 000 are stored in steel silos, while the shell is previously compressed into pellets for storage and bulk dispatch.


It is done through a highly technical and automatic system in bags of 25 kg., 50 kg. and big bags.


The load of 25 kg bags. and 50 kg. It is done in exclusive trucks through an automated robotic system. We also carry loads of palletized bags, big bags and in bulk.


Quality Control

The complete process is controlled in our modern laboratory and experimental bakery, from raw material reception to the release of the different lots of finished products, thus ensuring the correct performance of every flour type.

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