To be leaders in the quality of the products and services we offer our customers, becoming a market benchmark wherever we are and adding value in the community


Quality, innocuousness and compliance to deliver customer satisfaction, Sustainable profitability, Efficiency, Ongoing growth and training, Strategy and innovation, Corporate Social Responsibility

Company Values

Accountability, Honesty, Humbleness, Truth, Loyalty, Commitment, Proactive attitude, Sense of belonging, Enthusiasm, Results-oriented, Open to challenge.

Our Integrated Management Policy

• Guaranteeing the segurity, quality and authenticity of our products.

• Complying with current legislation and regulations as well as the requirements agreed upon with our clients.

• Promoting the continuous improvement of our culture of safety and quality, through the processes and training of our staff, promoting teamwork and individual development.

• Respecting the environment by appropriately using resources and preventing environmental pollution.

• Providing a safe work environment, minimizing the risks that could lead to work-related illnesses or accidents.

• Maintaining a clear communication, both internal and external, that allows us to interact in search of continuous improvement of our processes and products.