Our Tradition, Our Legacy


Molinos Gastaldi S.A. is established in times of the Great Depression that started in 1929, with a milling capacity of 15 tons per day. Brothers Angel, Antonio, Gabriel and Santiago Gastaldi, and their brother-in-law Luis Macario, face the challenge of creating an agro-industrial business with vision and courage.


The grain and oilseed storage business becomes operational. It is shortly followed by the expansion of the storage area to centers in Santa Eufemia and Alcira Gigena.


After finding a new destination for peanuts at the beginning of the decade, Gastaldi opens the Shelling Plant, pioneering the peanut processing and export business in Argentina.


Construction of a new flour mill, incorporating leading-edge Swiss technology, with a milling capacity of 120 tons per day.


The Board of Directors decides to build a new Peanut Shelling Plant with state-of-the-art electronic technology and a 100-ton peanut processing capacity per day. The project was completed in stages and in addition to the processing equipment, it included driers, raw material storage and finished product storage facilities.


As demand for our products continues to grow, the Board of Directors decides to undertake new modifications and the acquisition of new equipment in order to increase the wheat milling capacity, reaching 210 tons per day.


A peanut blanching plant is built in line with the market trend and customer requirements and expectations, with a 120-ton capacity per day.


The company builds a new raw material storage with capacity for 18,000 tons of inshell peanuts, or 30,000 tons of wheat. New cold storage facilities are built for finished products.


The Flour Mill undergoes an unprecedented renovation and reaches the present-day milling capacity of 350 tons of wheat per day.


Gastaldi incorporates their patented and automated flour-packing robotic system, which is unprecedented in the milling industry.


The company expands its raw material storage capacity, reaching the present-day storage volume at 100,000 tons of wheat. Additionally, new cold storage facilities are built for finished peanuts.


Gastaldi celebrates its 90th Anniversary. Incorporation of a new loading robot and start-up of a robotic consolidation/palletizing system. Construction of a semi-automated cold storage facility with storage capacity for 3.4 thousand tons of peanuts.


Incorporation of a new shelling unit that increases plant capacity by 50%. Incorporation of a vacuum packing line that will include dry roasted peanuts.