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Textured Soy Protein

textured soy protein

Textured Soy Protein

Textured soy protein, what is it for?

The extrusion process has gained a high popularity during the last years into the food industry. This is a well-known process because of its efficiency and also, because of its multiple advantages in the cereals cooking such as inhibition and Inactivation of Enzymes, digestibility, taste, protein interaction with another ingredients, safe product from the sanitary point of view, a broad variety of shapes, textures, flavors and colors. In brief, this system (extrusion) offer a high operation versatility and flexibility giving the chance to produce a wide range of product in a continue process.    Textured soy protein or textured vegetable protein (TSP or TVP) is produced through this technology. This product is obtained from deffated soy flour which is undergo a texturized process. The obtained product, is a dehydrated good (minces, flakes and chunks) with a low fat and hi protein content  which is largely accepted all over the world as a meat substitute in a large numbers of recipes in industrial process or at home.